Public Prosecution Department was established in the year 2005 to formulate the structure of Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service. Public Prosecution Department is a governing body, which is responsible for administration, recruitment BPS-16 and above i.e. prosecutors, officers and staff. Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service (PCPS), its performance, in either way, impacts the very core of the system. Criminal Justice System cannot yield into its required results without an independent and properly functioning Criminal Prosecution Service. The mission of the PCPS is to strengthen writ of Government, bring the offenders to justice, ensure fair trial, capacity building, continuous assessment of performance, accountability and to improve the work environment. There are following four attached departments of PPD:

Prosecutor General Punjab

Main function is to ensure the effective and efficient prosecution in the criminal courts up to the level of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service Inspectorate

Main function is to conduct inspections while focusing on law, code of conduct and prosecution standards.

Center for Professional Development of Prosecutors

Main function is to impart training to the prosecutors so that they could perform in effective and efficient manner to deal with the criminal cases in court of law.

Punjab Legal Aid Agency

Main function is to provide the legal aid to the indigent persons.